IT 1 Second week

As I start my 3rd week in IT1, i would like to tell something about my second week. Well, it is different from my 1st week because we already did some activities and I already feel the reality of being a college student.

I was really happy with my saving grace, Flappy Bird. Oh how ecstatic i felt when we won the challenge which exempted us from the first quiz. If it weren’t for that game i am not quite sure if i will get a perfect score. I wasn’t prepared and I can’t seem to get my myself together; can’t get my mind stay with me for a while.

That moment thought me something. It made me realize that i should always be ready; I have to treat every time available with complete responsibility. This place is not my play area, not my game land and should be taken seriously. 

That instant i told myself you have to fly. This is different.


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