The girl in the mirror


The girl i see is only 4 feet and 11 inches. She’s not tall nor is she big but her eyes show me the biggest world, the biggest promises more than a girl can keep. She looks not too old and not too young, I believe she’s still in a girl’s wonderland, a life of being 17. She hopes to be forever young for who knows what lies ahead. This girl  in the mirror is not perfect but she ‘s happy and contented. As she smile, I felt warm, I felt free from the chain of worries that  bind me.


I went to look closer, and I saw what she’s made of; I saw her past in a different way. Then I saw her stars up above her and still beyond reach. She dreams of so many things, to be a writer and a great lawyer. Her dreams are never for herself but always for her country. She wants to help and to be remembered, to create a mark that is not to be followed but to inspire others to create their own paths. She is a proud Filipino who aspires nothing more than to honor her country in the best possible way. As I start to understand her, I suddenly remembered her name. This girl is Jaezeline Joie Policarpio. This girl is me and I am extraordinary.


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