Watching the time go by

Tortured by the bitter cold, by seconds it started to slip, started to go in circles, started to leave. I shouted “wait for me! Oh please don’t leave me alone” but it seemed as if i was only shouting into the void, screaming at the top of my lungs into an endless pit. How it left me miserably, why i’ll never have it back, are the questions that will hunt me until the very end. Made me question whether it’s real, an imagination or a nightmare. The moment it’s there made me insane and the thought that i will never be able to touch, taste, see nor hear it drove me nuts. Now how shall i keep up? How shall I chase it if it’s no longer there? Is it playing with me? Why? I do not understand. I sat on the corner, forcing myself to answer the questions that chokes me. Until warmth of enlightenment hit me hard and whispered, “it never left” It was the loudest whisper i have ever heard. IT NEVER LEFT. It was still there. No, it’s always there. The time i kept chasing, the time i kept calling back hugs me tightly that sweetly chokes me into being mad. The very idea of time is endless. It cant be touched, taste, see nor hear but i know it’s there. Because time is my friend. It keeps me comfortable in its silent presence. It feeds me different chances every second, every minute, every hour. It is not time that i can never get back it’s the chances it offered that i kept disregarding, the moments in my life that created and built me whole. It is not the time that i’m chasing, it’s the possibilities i failed grasping. I don’t have to seize time for it is infinite; it is forever.


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